As I write to you this month, I sit in my office overlooking the herring run. It’s a sunny day and it’s hard not to wish the warmer weather that has been teasing us this winter to become a permanent fixture as spring and summer knock on our door! As I start to daydream, I am thinking about those long hot days of summer sipping on a cool refreshing beverage on Cape Cod. My mind journeys further into a European Holiday in the fall. What a great life! BAM
The phone rings and I snap back into reality. We are sitting on a truckload of transactions that need to be completed in our shop over the next five days. The office is crazy and people are yelling at me to move quicker and stop staring out the window. “Sean, can you look at this?” “Sean, call on Line 2”, “Sean, it’s the contractor for Bell, can you talk?”

Which scenario works better for you?

Personally, I like both. The work/life balance is so very important to our psyche. However, when I talk to clients on a regular basis, some are already sitting on the beach before the work has even started. Some have spent the cash flow before the deal has closed. Some have leveraged developer fees before signing a letter of intent.
The commercial real estate industry is expanding in terms of deal quantity but shrinking in practitioners. There is a science to this business and you are a part of it! But if it were incredibly easy, everyone would be doing it!
I had a great conversation with my good friend and client Jack Bickford from Florida the other day. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, but once we talked I was amazed at how many people he had contacted about a deal he was working on which would provide housing for veterans and lower income families. Jack is not afraid to pick up the phone and despite some setbacks, he has constantly been “dialing for dollars!” As I write this the outcomes are uncertain, but the prospect for execution is high! On a future VIP webinar, Jack is going to share his story!
At the end of the day, hard work and persistence will put you on the beach sipping a cool refreshing tea, but first we need to get the work done! Together we have a mission, so let us cash flow by working hard and enjoying life!

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